Patient and Public Voice Partners - Survey of Committee Chairs

Closed 3 Apr 2018

Opened 29 Jan 2018


NHS England considers working in partnership with patients and the public to be central to the way that we work. We are committed to ensuring that public and patient voices are at the heart of shaping our healthcare services. By using the term “patient and public voice (PPV) partners” we include service users, carers and relatives of patients, and the general public. 
Public and patient voices should be embedded into our commissioning processes in a range of ways, including gathering insight and feedback to shape services, embedding voices in the governance frameworks of our programmes, working with patients and the public to jointly design and develop services. 
We sincerely value the significant contribution that patients and the public make towards improving our NHS. Through this survey we want to find out about PPV Partners who are part of NHS England committees / groups, and the difference that PPV Partners have made working with NHS England.  We will use this information to improve our work.


  • All NHS England Staff


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