AHP Clinical Support Workers: roles, deployment and vacancies

Closed 28 Feb 2021

Opened 18 Dec 2020


COVID-19 has highlighted the lack of collective understanding of how we use our AHP clinical support workforce to enable delivery of high-quality care.  Demands on services continue to increase and we now understand the challenges in matching future demand to capacity.  It is imperative we identify opportunities to review and refine the skill mix across allied health professions. 

We know there is significant variation in the numbers and types of roles within AHP services for clinical support staff.  We also believe you may have vacancies in these important support roles that could impact on the delivery of services during this challenging winter period.

We would like to capture the baseline vacancy position, and understand the range of roles currently in place, so we can better determine workforce planning, deployment and transformation. This survey includes seven questions on AHP clinical support workforce numbers, vacancies, role titles and deployment. The survey should take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

Responses to this survey will be treated confidentially and will be reported as anonymous. Data collected from this survey will be reviewed by members of the project management team within the Chief Allied Health Professions Office.

If you have any queries, please contact stephanie.gates@nhs.net for assistance.  The survey will close at midnight on the 13th of January 2021. We are seeking 100% return rate from trusts, and as outlined above, we hope you can see how your response will help us to support your trust through the winter period through increased understanding of AHP Clinical support workforce demand and capacity. Thank you for your time in responding to our survey.


  • Paramedics
  • Art therapists
  • Drama therapists
  • Music therapists
  • Chiropodists/podiatrists
  • Dietitians
  • Occupation therapists
  • Orthotists
  • Orthopists
  • Prosthesists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Diagnostic radiographers
  • Therapeutic radiographers
  • Speech and language therapists
  • Allied health professionals
  • Foundation trusts


  • NHS England
  • Any Interest