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NHS England and NHS Improvement is increasing transparency in the NHS and improving services for patients. We work with NHS staff, patients, stakeholders and the public to improve the health outcomes for people in England.

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Open Consultations

Closed Consultations

  • Workforce deployment software survey - 2022

    This survey collects data from NHS trusts on their levels of attainment (LOA) for e-rostering and e-job planning software usage across different professional (clinical workforce) groups. The LOA Checklist for both e-rostering and e-job planning (found at the bottom of this page) will assist... More

    Closed 25 May 2022

  • Improving veterans mental and physical health services in England

    NHS England has launched a survey to find out people’s views and experiences of veterans mental and physical health services. The information gathered will be used to help inform the development and provision of these services in the future. As part of this exercise, we would... More

    Closed 22 May 2022

  • NHS Volunteer Responder survey 2022

    We set up the NHS Volunteer Responder programme in March 2020 to help deal with the pandemic. We’re now adapting the programme to help the NHS in other ways. It is very helpful to hear your experiences of being an NHS Volunteer Responder as we develop the new programme. We want to know... More

    Closed 29 April 2022

  • LFPSE Web Application: Being informed about patient safety events

    A number of CCGs have requested to be informed when a patient safety event has been reported into the Learn from patient safety event (LFPSE) service within their patch. This is currently being discussed within the National policy and strategy leads group and it was felt that it would be... More

    Closed 20 April 2022

  • Allied Health Professionals Early Years Retention

    As part of our continued effort to support Allied Health Professionals across roles and career stage, we would like to hear about your thoughts and experiences of being an Allied Healthcare Professional today. This will inform how the NHS can better support staff in their... More

    Closed 8 April 2022