Commissioning support survey

Closed 30 Sep 2014

Opened 6 Aug 2014


A strong cohort of providers have been successful in the first stage of LPF - a mixture of NHS CSUs, public/private partnerships and commercial sector consortia.

We now want to turn our attention to making the LPF easy to use for commissioners. As well as publishing step by step guidance for running mini competitions, NHS England will charge a very small percentage fee from suppliers for every contract they win. We will use this to source expert practical hands on procurement and legal support for CCGs and other commissioners to help you specify your requirements, develop your tender documents, run your mini competitions and evaluate bidders.

In return we want to ask CCGs to consider how you will act collaboratively with other CCGs, both around your requirements (bringing specifications together where possible), but most importantly around the timing of your mini competitions (for example, through phased procurements) to really utilise the volume based discounts that bidders will commit themselves to at ITT.

We would really value your views on this and would be grateful if you could take five minutes to answer the questions below. A set of FAQs about buying from the LPF can be found here.


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