Consultation on Specialised Services clinical commissioning policy - Immediate Antiretroviral therapy

Closed 6 Aug 2017

Opened 7 Jul 2017


NHS England has today (7th July 2017) launched a 30 day public consultation on a clinical commissioning policy for Immediate Antiretroviral therapy for treatment of HIV-1 in adults and adolescents.

Treating HIV with anti-retroviral therapy (ART) has transformed the outlook for people living with HIV. ART allows most people with HIV to live their life - with a normal life expectancy. Untreated HIV infection leads to progressive damage to the body’s immune system. Current HIV clinical commissioning policy allows ART to be started after a certain level of damage to the immune system has occurred (measured as CD4 count <350 cells/mm3) or earlier when there is risk of onward HIV transmission. Immediate ART is about starting treatment soon after diagnosis of HIV, irrespective of how much damage to the body’s immune system has occurred (at any CD4 count).

There has already been extensive engagement on this policy, it has been developed with the support and input of lead clinicians and patient and public representatives. This approach has helped ensure that the views of key stakeholders have informed and influenced the development of this policy to date. We now wish to test it further with wider groups of stakeholders.

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Immediate Antiretroviral therapy for treatment of HIV-1 in adults and adolescents:



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