Consultation on the draft framework for managing performer concerns *

Closed 20 Mar 2014

Opened 14 Feb 2014


The NHS (Performers Lists) (England) Regulations 2013 details NHS England’s responsibility for holding and maintaining the England performers lists in respect of primary medical, dental and ophthalmic performers. The aim of the regulations are to ensure that performers may not deliver NHS primary care services in England unless they are included on the performers lists. This provides NHS England with powers to manage these performers and protect the public from any performers who is not suitable or that fall below the required standards.

Since 1 April 2013, NHS England has followed a single process for the commissioning of primary care services. To support this, a suite of policy and procedure documents was produced with the aim of ensuring consistency in the management of the four primary care contractor groups (medical, dental, ophthalmic and pharmaceutical) including holding and maintaining the England performers lists in respect of medical, dental and ophthalmic performers. It was always intended that these would be refined in light of feedback from users and other relevant stakeholders.

Following extensive consultation with area teams, the National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS), local representative committees and other stakeholders, a new set of documents are being drafted covering inclusion onto the performers lists and management of concerns in performers on the list. This will include a new, high level framework and supporting guidance for use by area teams. We would now like to make specific elements of the draft framework available for broader consultation and are seeking feedback on whether these elements of the proposals are practical and proportionate so that the documents can be developed in further detail.


  • Ophthalmic practitioners
  • Area Team directors
  • Patients


  • Primary care
  • NHS England