Investing in specialised commissioning - public consultation

Closed 27 Apr 2015

Opened 27 Jan 2015


NHS England is consulting on a proposed set of principles which will underpin the future decision making process for investment in specialised services. 

The consultation document also outlines the characteristics of the process NHS England will use to make these decisions.

Why your views matter

In conducting a full public consultation, NHS England is seeking to ensure that the principles and characteristics for making decisions on investing in specialised services are well informed, evidence-led and in line with the expectations of patients and the public.

Consultation provides the opportunity to gain information about any potential impact on health inequalities which might arise as a result of new or changed processes for making decisions about health services that are directly commissioned by NHS England.


  • Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs)
  • Service providers
  • Service users


  • Specialised commissioning
  • Public