MedTech Funding Mandate

Closed 18 Dec 2019

Opened 5 Nov 2019


The MedTech Funding Mandate is a proposal to support getting innovative medical devices, diagnostics and digital products to patients faster.

If we implement this policy, NHS England and NHS Improvement will review NICE guidance on medical technologies each year to identify medical devices, diagnostics and digital products that have been thoroughly assessed and recommended by NICE as being effective and capable of saving money within the first year. We will highlight these in annual guidance and we will expect hospitals and commissioning organisations to comply with this guidance where appropriate. We will also provide additional support by providing examples of how NHS organisations have implemented the innovations and by removing other barriers to their uptake such as duplicative procurement processes.

As we will only be recommending innovations that are both effective and cost saving we anticipate that this policy will both improve patient care and save the NHS money.

We hosted two engagement events:

  • London on Monday 16 December 2019
  • Leeds on Wednesday 18 December 2019

Supporting document:


  • All interested stakeholders


  • System wide approach to quality