NHS education funding agreement 2024/27: A consultation

Closed 28 Mar 2024

Opened 29 Feb 2024

Results updated 30 May 2024

Following the completion of the consultation in March 2024, we have considered the feedback received from internal and external stakeholders. A summary of the responses received, clarification statements, and further changes made to the agreement can be found in the published consultation outcome report.

We have also published a supporting guide for the 2024-27 NHS Education Funding Agreement. The guide summarises key aspects of the agreement in an easy-to-understand layout for stakeholders reading and reviewing the agreement.

For full details of the NHS Education Funding Agreement 2024-27 please see the NHS England website.


In accordance with the Care Act 2014, NHS England is responsible for the leadership of all healthcare education and training for those employed by the NHS and for those seeking NHS employment. NHS England also has statutory obligations for the quality of the services delivered for which it funds for the safety and protection of learners and service users.

The NHS education funding agreement is the formal mechanism for the relationship between NHS England and providers. The 2024-27 NHS education funding agreement will replace the current 2021-24 NHS education contract ending on 31 March 2024.

The funding agreement supports the education and training of future workforce activities listed as part of the annually published Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) education and training guide and NHS England education funding guide.

NHS England has now published, for consultation, the draft NHS Education Funding Agreement - see all the consultation documents below.

The consultation document describes the material changes and updates NHS England are proposing to make. NHS England welcome comments from all stakeholders on the proposals, along with any other suggestions for improvement.

The consultation paper and the draft funding agreement are available below. We strongly recommend that you read these documents before responding to this consultation.

For each required question, please indicate whether

a) your organisation supports the proposal (yes),
b) your organisation does not support the proposal (no), or
c) the proposal is not applicable to your organisation (not applicable), and add comments where relevant.

Consultation document

NHS education funding agreement 2024-27: A consultation – proposed changes to the NHS education funding agreement for 2024 – 2027 - easy read

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