The Joint Improvement Programme - Engagement Reference Group sign up

Closed 19 Dec 2014

Opened 15 Nov 2013


The Joint Improvement Programme has been set up to help make the changes to services so that people with learning disabilities or autism who use mental health services or have challenging behaviour get good safe support.

One of the programme's aims is to work with people who have experiences or skills that can help make the changes that are needed.
One way we are doing that is by setting up an Engagement Reference Group.

We are setting up the reference group to help people from across England get involved.
The group will not meet together. A lot of the work will be done by:
  • sharing ideas and information electronically
  • holding some meetings in different parts of the country
  • people taking back information to their local groups

The Joint Improvement Programme wants to make sure people can shape their work. People in the reference group will be asked to:
  • Say what they think
  • Share good ideas or ways of working
  • Help develop ideas or work alongside the team

The reference group will also get updates on the work that is happening.

Reference group members can choose not to get involved if they are busy or it is something they do not want to work on.

There is no commitment to get involved and saying no will not stop people being asked again or getting information.

You can find out more about our engagement plan and work by getting in touch with Angela Ellis who is the Engagement Adviser. Angela's email address is

If you are interested in joining the Engagement reference group please fill in the short form that follows.

The information and contact details you give us will only be used as part of the Winterbourne View Joint Improvement Programme's engagement work. It will be shared by Inclusion North with the Local Government Association but both organisations commit to not use it for any other purpose & to store it securely.

We hope you will work with us on this.

If you have any questions you can contact Angela Ellis at

What Happens Next

Thanks so much for getting involved
We are going to leave this survey open so people can join at any time but we will check it at least every 2 weeks.
We will be in touch with you soon to confirm we have got your information
If you have any questions you can contact Angela Ellis who is the Engagement Adviser at


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