Diagnostic Imaging Data Set (DIDS) - Submission Process User Survey

Closed 2 Jun 2024

Opened 8 May 2024


The Diagnostic Imaging Data Set (DIDS) is a central collection of detailed information about diagnostic imaging tests carried out on NHS patients, to be extracted and submitted monthly.

The current data set is covered by an Information Standard SCCI1577: Diagnostic Imaging Data Set.

Development of DIDS version 2.0 has commenced with the gathering of requirements from various stakeholders.  One of these requirements is to transfer the DIDS submission method from the current portal to another system, which is now under consideration.  The current DIDS portal has been used for many years and other methods of submitting data are now used by NHS England for other data collections.

To help inform this potential change, providers submitting DIDS data to NHS England are asked to complete this user survey.  Software suppliers are also invited to complete this if they are involved in the submission or preparation of DIDS data. 

Why your views matter

The aim of the survey is to understand more about how users currently submit DIDS data from their perspective and any challenges they have in doing this, along with some future considerations.


  • NHS trusts
  • Suppliers


  • NHS England