GIRFT FF Dermatology Medical Staff Engagement Survey

Closed 12 Jul 2024

Opened 19 Jun 2024


Dear Colleagues

We are looking to establish how NHS medical staff motivation levels in England can be maintained and improved. Happier, well-motivated staff are more productive and efficient, are more likely to be healthy and less likely to leave. It is about overall quality of life, the importance of which can sometimes be lost when focussing too much on hard data. 

Please could you answer the questions in the following survey, which should take no more than 5 minutes, to help us understand the main factors which could improve dermatology hospital medical staff motivation and overall wellbeing.

Note: we do not have any funding or power to deliver these but we would like to understand these factors fully in order to communicate them to those who do have influence.

Many thanks

Nick Levell - GIRFT National Clinical Lead for Dermatology Services


  • Clinicians
  • Doctors
  • Allied health professionals
  • Medical practitioners
  • Foundation trusts
  • NHS trusts


  • Health and wellbeing