Frequency of National Cost Collections

Closed 23 Jul 2021

Opened 14 Jun 2021


The NHS England and NHS Improvement Chief Finance Officer Julian Kelly has asked the costing team to review the options around making more frequent cost collections. The costing team is therefore seeking the views of trusts and stakeholder groups across the country in order that we can best represent the interests of the wider costing community.

As we do this, we would like to assure you that no changes or developments to costing would be made without careful consideration and discussions with all stakeholder groups (including trusts) and that we will ensure that all the necessary governance procedures and consultations take place. There is no intention to alter the current Exceptional Quarterly Collection (EQC) to continue collecting on a voluntary quarterly basis once the need to analyse the cost and impact of COVID has had on service provision across the NHS has ended.

A more frequent cost collection would only be developed if the purpose, desire, timelines and ability to produce such a collection is supported by all stakeholders and the evidence collected.

This survey is an integral part of our efforts to get the views of the costing community. If you could take the time to complete it would be very much appreciated and will help us develop an approach to future cost collections which has greater benefits for everyone. Please note that the survey can be completed anonymously, if you prefer, and you need only answer the questions that you feel are relevant to you.


Publishing Approval Reference:  PAR616.


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