Review Survey: Patient and Community Engagement Indicator 2018/19

Closed 9 Oct 2019

Opened 12 Sep 2019


We want to hear your views

CCGs are required to involve patients and the wider public in commissioning (14Z2). NHS England has a legal duty to assess how effective each CCG has been in discharging this duty. We do this through the Patient and Community Indicator which is an improvement focused indicator designed to help CCGs to identify areas for improvement. It is supported by a range of learning, training and improvement activities. Up to 2018/19 this has formed part of the CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework. From 2019/20 this forms part of the CCG technical annex to the NHS Oversight Framework. Earlier this year, CCGs were invited to submit evidence in support of the 2018/19 assessment. This evidence submission process was part of a refreshed approach, building on feedback from CCGs and other partners following the 2017/18 process. Results from 2018/19 assessments were published in July 2018 on MyNHS.

From 2019/20 the NHS Oversight Framework for 2019/20 has replaced the CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework (IAF) and the provider Single Oversight Framework, and will inform assessment of CCGs in 2019/20. It is supported by technical annexes for CCGs and providers. The CCG technical annex includes the indicators that will be used for the annual assessment of CCGs. The overarching methodology and framework for the Patient and Community Engagement Indicator (page 140 in the CCG technical annex) will remain unchanged in 2019/20 although we are keen to make improvements to the process where possible. An adapted approach will also be introduced for those CCGs that are approaching merger in April 2020.

To continuously improve this process so it better meets the needs of CCGs, we are now asking CCGs and other partners to give us your feedback on the 2018/19 submission process.  This will help us create an improved process and provide better support..

Who should complete this survey

This survey is for CCGs, NHS England colleagues and other relevant partners. It should be completed by those who have been involved with contributing to the evidence submission process for the Patient and Community Engagement Indicator in the 2018/19 CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework. The results from this survey will help us to improve the process in future.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.


  • Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs)
  • Healthwatch (national and local)


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