Engagement questions on the incentives framework for ACOs

Closed 27 Sep 2017

Opened 4 Aug 2017


We are seeking engagement on the incentives framework for Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs). This framework sets out the first steps of the journey from an incentive system based primarily on processes, to one which incorporates a greater degree of population and system-level outcome measures.

Why we are engaging

The incentives framework for ACOs is intended to provide a view of the overall performance of the ACO itself and the contribution that the ACO is making to the wider health economy. Through a combination of financial and non-financial incentivised indicators, the incentives framework for ACOs  is being designed to signal and encourage change across a range of priority areas that meet with the NHS ambition of closing the three gaps outlined in the Five Year Forward View. As such, gathering the feedback of users is critical for us to ensure the document is thorough, useful and covers the most appropriate indicators. All feedback received will be considered and will help to shape future iterations of incentives framework for ACOs .


  • Service providers
  • Local authorities
  • Service users


  • Integrated care
  • Financial system controls
  • System wide approach to quality
  • Commissioning