Unscheduled (urgent) dental care - South West

Closed 14 Aug 2017

Opened 14 Jun 2017


NHS England – South (South West) is reviewing unscheduled dental care services across the South West and would like to hear patients’ views on their experiences of unscheduled dental care, as well as the availability of services and ease of access. 
The classification of unscheduled (urgent) dental care is - 
Patients who require urgent care are those requiring attention for:
  • Severe dental and facial pain not controlled by over-the-counter preparations;
  • Dental and soft tissue acute infection


  • GPs
  • Dentists
  • GP Practices
  • Dental surgeons
  • Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs)
  • GP Practices
  • Healthwatch (national and local)
  • Voluntary groups
  • Patients
  • Carers
  • Service users


  • Patient and public voice