AnalystX Observatory – State of the Nation Survey

Closed 8 Apr 2022

Opened 3 Mar 2022


Thank you for taking some of your time to complete this inaugural ‘State of the Nation” survey undertaken by the AnalystX Observatory. The aim of this survey is to begin to quantify and understand the data professional landscape within health and care organisations, including commissioners, providers, local authorities, etc.

This survey is intended to be completed by data professional group managers/team leaders. If you do not manage a group of data professionals/data ‘analysts’, please forward this to the correct staff member to complete.

If you are a manager of multiple data professional teams, please submit a separate response to the survey for each team.

The survey should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete. 

Firstly, prior to completing the survey could you please read the four job roles in the data family detailed in the hyperlinks below;

These high-level job specifications have been included to give some guidance about the details of the members of your data professional team we want you to include in your survey responses.  Please include within your responses data professionals where the characteristics of their job fit one or more of the four roles detailed above. For consistency and brevity, throughout the questionnaire we will simply refer to the group of staff who fit into a Data Engineer, Performance Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, or Combined Role as a ‘data professional’ or ‘data professionals’.

Please omit from your response members of your team where at least 50% of their role does not fit the data professional profile.

A question in the survey asks for your organisation code. If you do not know your organisation code, you can find it on the 
NHS Digitial website.

The information you provide in this survey will only be used for the purposes of the AnalystX Observatory. Any personal information will be treated with confidence and will not be shared with any third parties.

For any questions please contact

Thank you

AnalystX Observatory Team


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