Understanding the barriers and facilitators to the collection of Ambulance Data Set (ADS) EPR data items by operational ambulance staff

Closed 11 Mar 2024

Opened 11 Jan 2024


This survey aims to understand the barriers and facilitators for the completion of specific ambulance data set (ADS) electronic patient record (EPR) data items, from operational ambulance clinicians.

Clinicians normally complete electronic patient records as part of their daily work on an emergency ambulance, specialist response resources or as part of the ambulance auxiliary contract.

We are currently not seeking the views of clinicians who are working in corporate roles, those staff working as sub-contractors to NHS Ambulance Services (e.g. private ambulance providers) and clinicians who are not patient-facing. We are planning to obtain the views of this group via a separate route to this survey.

Further information on ADS and the service evaluation can be found on the NHS Futures platform - you will be required to log into NHS Futures.


  • Paramedics


  • Emergency preparedness, resilience and response