Closed 19 Nov 2021

Opened 1 Nov 2021


We are seeking your views on the NHS England and NHS Improvement’s ‘Core20PLUS5’ approach for reducing health inequalities.

The survey is aimed at:

  • Health Inequalities professionals working in the NHS
  • Clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals with a particular interest in reducing health inequalities
  • Organisations that support or have an expert understanding of the communities at particular risk of health inequalities including ethnic minorities, coastal and rural communities, people living in areas of high deprivation, plus inclusion health groups (e.g. homeless and rough sleepers, sex workers, Gypsy and Roma travelling communities), people living with autism, a learning disability or serious mental illness

The survey results will be used to support the development of the Core20PLUS5 approach, its implementation across the NHS and further engagement with key stakeholder groups.

Results may be published; however, all details will be anonymised.

Pre-reading: Please read the Core20PLUS5 Online Engage Survey – Supporting document before completing this online survey.


  • All interested stakeholders


  • Reducing health inequalities