Equality Delivery System Grading

Closed 18 Feb 2018

Opened 15 Jan 2018


The Equality Delivery System (EDS2) is a tool which:

  • Helps NHS organisations make sure services are fair for all patients and communities
  • Supports NHS organisations to make sure that the people who work for them are treated fairly and can apply for a lot of different jobs at all levels

The presentation gives information about NHS England’s work to make sure that everyone is treated fairly when we buy services.  It also talks about the work we are doing to make sure all people have a good experience of using the NHS.

We want to know how well we are doing for people from all backgrounds, and we would like you to tell us.

Please look at the presentation and the web links in it, and then answer the questions on the survey which tells us how well you think we are doing at allowing for the needs of all of the population.

We will use the results of the survey to see where we need to do better, and where we need to keep on doing things well.

Thank you for taking part.


  • Service providers


  • Primary care