Plymouth patient survey - Ernesettle, Trelawny and Mount Gould surgeries

Closed 23 Sep 2016

Opened 22 Aug 2016


NHS England aims to find new GP providers for Ernesettle, Mount Gould and Trelawny surgeries in Plymouth from April 2017. This is your chance as a patient to help us define the scope of services.


Why We Are Consulting

We have already asked for draft bids from potential GP providers who are interested in running any or all of the three surgeries. This survey will be used to help us set the final specification, which covers issues such as opening hours and the types of service provided. We will then ask for firm bids this autumn.

What Happens Next

The closing date for this survey is Friday 23 September 2016. After that date, we will analyse the results to help inform the proccess of finding a new GP provider.

A group involving patients, Healthwatch and councillors will help assess the bids and take the final decisions.


  • Patients
  • Carers


  • Primary care