Your experience of hospital eye services

Closed 30 Dec 2019

Opened 2 Aug 2019


EyesWise is an NHS project that aims to save sight and improve lives. Since April 2018, work has been underway in hospital eye services across the country to streamline and speed up outpatient treatment for patients at highest risk of sight loss. Now we are launching the 100 Voices campaign to find out what it feels like to use those services. 

If you think the NHS can learn from your experience, please tell us your story. You can write about it or upload a video or recording of yourself talking about it.

When telling your story, please focus on what you want the people in charge of hospital eye services to know about your experience of ophthalmology appointments that have taken place since April 2018. 

We would like to understand things such as how good you thought communications with the service were and what it was like booking the appointment. How well did the clinic run on the day? If you have used ophthalmology services before, what changes did you notice? Please mention which service you were using when you tell us your story (for instance, glaucoma clinic).

Please don't mention the name of the hospital or any staff. There is a space on this form where we ask you to specify which hospital trust you went to: we will use that information to make sure your story reaches the right people.

We want to hear from patients, carers and people who work in hospital eye services. We will share people's stories with key staff who plan, pay for and provide services to help them take decisions as they transform eye services for the future. 

We will also put stories on our website, social media, and YouTube channel, to raise awareness and encourage more people to tell their story.

If you are happy to go ahead and write your story or upload a film or recording, please click the ‘Online survey’ link below to get started.

If you prefer to speak to someone direct, please contact us on 0113 824 8672  or at, saying that you want to be part of 100 Voices and giving your name, phone number or email address, and the best times for someone to call you back. Please note this may not be immediately.


  • Ophthalmic practitioners
  • Patients
  • Carers


  • Patient and public voice
  • System wide approach to quality
  • Commissioning