Intestinal failure services - patient survey

Closed 18 Jul 2017

Opened 13 Jun 2017


NHS England is responsible for planning and buying specialised services for people living with intestinal failure. This survey is aimed at understanding how these specialised services are working from the perspective of people living with the condition, or their carers.

Intestinal failure is a severe condition which means that someone is unable to absorb the sufficient nutrients, and/or water required to maintain health.

For some people this can be a lifelong condition, where they are reliant on artificial nutrition (enteral (tube feeding/EN) or home/total parenteral nutrition (HPN/TPN). This can be as a result of a range of long term conditions such as Short Bowel Syndrome or Crohns Disease etc.

For others this can be a temporary condition following surgery or cancer treatment, and they may be able to return to eating and drinking normally following recovery.

If you are someone who is currently living with intestinal failure, we would like to hear from you to understand how services work for you, and how they could be improved.


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