Learning from Deaths guidance development - involvement feedback

Closed 7 Dec 2018

Opened 12 Nov 2018


NHS England would like feedback from people involved in the development of the Learning from Deaths guidance developed for NHS trusts; and the information for families, both of which were launched in July 2018. You can find the guidance on the NHS England website.

We would like to hear your views on the engagement that took place throughout the development of these documents and look at how we can improve engagement approaches in the future.

Your feedback will have an influence on how we work with other people in the future on similar projects. It will also influence how we engage with you going forwards on future versions of the guidance.

This survey can be completed anonymously if you prefer. We will share a summary of the feedback we receive with people who are on our Learning from Deaths mailing list, in a future update.


  • Patients
  • Carers


  • Patient and public voice