NHS RightCare Intelligence - product evaluation

Closed 27 Jul 2018

Opened 25 Jun 2018


NHS RightCare uses a methodology that focuses on increasing value in healthcare and tackling unwarranted variation.  It is underpinned by intelligence and robust evidence, showing commissioners and local health economies ‘where to look’ i.e. where variation and low value exists. The approach then goes on to support health economies through the phases of ‘what to change’ and ‘how to change’.

The NHS RightCare Intelligence programme has produced a number of different products including focus packs, practice packs, pathways and scenarios that look at a variety of health conditions. All these products use evidence to shine a light on unwarranted variation and performance to encourage improvement in quality.

To ensure that the Intelligence products continue to support the aims of NHS RightCare and meet the needs of local health economies (LHEs), we are undertaking an evaluation exercise.  We want to look at how we can improve the products and gain a better understanding of how they are used by LHEs. Your feedback is extremely valuable and we appreciate your time in completing this evaluation survey.


  • Commissioners
  • Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs)


  • Commissioning