NHS Maternity Review

Closed 15 Nov 2015

Opened 7 Sep 2015


The NHS Maternity Review is currently underway to make recommendations for the improvement of services for women and their families.

We are very keen to hear from women, fathers, partners, their families and advocates, professionals, commissioners and people from representative organisations.

All your comments and answers will be treated anonymously and the information provided will directly contribute to the review.

We are committed to ensuring that anyone who wishes to share their opinion and experience can contribute. Every effort has been made to ensure that this survey is fully inclusive, however some of the questions or the language may not be relevant or may not reflect your experience. However we hope you will continue to tell us your thoughts and ideas to help the Review Team in this important piece of work.

UPDATE: New consultation questions.

In response to feedback, the Maternity Review Team, in collaboration with charities Sands and Bliss, have created a new section of the consultation with additional questions, specifically aimed at the following people:

  • First, those whose baby died during pregnancy (including miscarriage), labour or birth.
  • And second, for families who experienced pregnancy complications affecting the health of mother or baby and /or neonatal admission after birth.

A new section of the consultation is now available, if you wish to share your views from the perspective of either of the above.

The review team would like to thank you for taking the time to share your views. View more information on the Maternity Review.


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