Good Practice in creating positive staff experience and compassionate workplaces: A call for contributions

Closed 22 Dec 2017

Opened 15 Nov 2017


NHS England, in partnership with Hope 4 the Community (CIC), is developing a guide to commissioning for positive staff experience and creating compassionate workplaces. As part of the guide we would like to showcase examples of exemplary practice.

We welcome contributions from any sector of healthcare. You don’t need to be an NHS organisation to participate: if you provide or commission NHS services you can take part. We hope to be able to share a wide variety of examples of exemplary practice from different aspects of healthcare.

Why We Are Consulting

NHS England invites you to tell us about what you and your organisation have done to support positive staff experience and a compassionate workplace. Big or small, we want to hear about the initiatives you have undertaken to make your organisation a more compassionate workplace and to create positive staff experiences.  

So, if you want a chance to shout about the wonderful work you are doing in supporting positive staff experience and compassionate workplaces, please complete the questionnaire and submit your examples. 

Information about this call for contributions

Why am I being invited?

You have been invited to share instances of exemplary practice to support the creation of a compassionate workplace and positive staff experience. This will help us to generate an in-depth picture of exemplary practice to support compassionate workplaces and how this is developed, maintained, measured and reported to support positive staff experience.

What are the benefits of taking part?

Some contributors will be contacted and offered the opportunity to have their good practice example included in a new NHS England guide to commissioning and supporting positive staff experience. No contributions will be used in this way without further explicit consent from you and your organisation.

What will happen to my completed questionnaire?

We will select examples of good practice and use them as case studies to inform the development of a commissioning framework to enable the commissioning of services from compassionate healthcare organisations. 

Data protection & confidentiality

Any data you give will be protected and secured confidentially by the project team. We will contact all shortlisted contributors to verify details. We will not share any information that you provide to us without you and your organisation’s express permission.  


  • Anyone from any background


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