NHS trusts volunteer numbers survey

Closed 23 Nov 2023

Opened 2 Nov 2023


As you may be aware a Volunteering Taskforce was set up to look at how volunteering in the NHS can be better supported into the future and continue to benefit from the outpouring of public support that was offered during the pandemic. One of its workstreams has identified the need to understand the numbers of volunteers and for a central data collection. NHS England will be/are taking forward the recommendations from that work but in the meantime we are continuing to undertake an annual informal/voluntary survey on volunteering numbers with additional questions about the state of volunteering in light of current issues to help inform our national work programme and offer relevant and timely support and guidance. 

This survey therefore contains the same questions on numbers as previously to help provide comparable data. It also contains some additional questions to help us understand the impact of current issues and our future mandatory data collection. 

Thank you to those of you that have completed this survey in the past, we hope you will be able to complete it again this year. The information you have provided is already helping us to plan how we might support volunteering as we move forward.

You may receive this survey through different routes, but we only require one return from each organisation please.

Your contact details and the data will only be used for the purposes of this survey outlined above. However, if you confirm within the survey that you are happy to us to add your details to our contact list, you will receive further news and updates about NHS England led programmes, and opportunities to support the development of volunteering. Individuals are also welcome to ask to be removed from our database by emailing: england.volunteering@nhs.net or england.voluntarypartnerships@nhs.net

We intend to publish anonymised aggregated data from this survey on the numbers, but this will not be identifiable.

We also may contact you directly if there is anything you mention in your survey return that we would like to find out more about.

Please do not include any personal or identifiable data in your free text answers


  • Foundation trusts
  • Mental health trusts
  • Service providers


  • Equality and diversity
  • Reducing health inequalities