Fast Track COVID-19 application form for inclusion on the national medical performers list (England)

Closes 2 Sep 2020

Opened 7 Apr 2020


In response to the unprecedented demand on general practice in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, NHS England has been working with GP leads, the RCGP and Health Education England to develop two additional roles within Primary Care.

The two new roles are:

  • Medical Support Worker
  • Emergency Registered Practitioner (Fast Track COVID-19) – to work as a GP with a restricted scope of practice

Both roles require the applicant to hold a Licence to Practise (which may have been restored by the GMC under emergency powers), to be included on the GP Register and to be included on the English Medical Performers List. This online application form enables GPs to apply for Fast Track inclusion on the English Medical Performers List in order to undertake either of these roles.

Further information about the two roles are below, along with a job description for the Medical Support Worker (MSW) role and list of tasks that MSWs may be asked to undertake.

Inclusion on the Performers List as an Emergency Registered Practitioner (Fast Track COVID-19) (or ERP(FTC19)) may encompass a number of roles, and as such, it is not possible to provide a job description for this post. However, work undertaken by ERP(FTC19)s will be directed to meet the demands of the COVID-19 response, unless the GP applying for inclusion has already secured a placement with appropriate supervision in a primary care setting. Accordingly, if your application to be included on the Performers List as an ERP(FTC19) is approved, your details will be passed to local workforce leads that are working with NHS England to coordinate the NHS response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

MSW and ERP(FTC19) applications will be assessed by NHS England and, where, necessary Health Education England. Once this review has taken place, and, if your application is approved, the type of work that you can undertake and whether any formal support or supervision arrangements are to be followed will be set out in the letter you will receive to confirm that you have been included on the English Medical Performers List.

The Fast Track application form enables applicants to state whether they wish to work as an MSW or ERP(FTC19), and to outline their preferences for working in a specific service or area. This information will be taken into consideration by NHS England when assessing the application. Please note that NHS England may decide that applicants for ERP(FTC19) inclusion should be included as MSWs instead, and some applicants may be deemed unsuitable for either role. However, in these cases we will do our best to direct you towards other roles in which your skills and experience can be utilised.

Progression from an MSW role to an ERP(FTC19) role is encouraged, and an assessment form has been developed to facilitate this.  Therefore any GP who joins the list as an MSW is welcome to apply to NHS England at a later stage to have their inclusion changed to that of ERP(FTC19).

Please note that current demand for MSWs and (ERP)FTC19s will vary geographically dependent on local requirements, which we know are likely to change over time. Therefore we are unable to indicate at present the timescale in which you may be deployed into either of these roles. We want to reassure you that at whatever point you are asked to deploy in your new role, whether this is to offer support immediately or further into the recovery period, your time and commitment are hugely valued. 

GPs who are approved to be included on the English Medical Performers List via the Fast Track route will be treated as if they have been included under Regulation 22 of The National Health Service (Performers Lists) (England) Regulations 2013 (relating to Emergency Registered Practitioners), and accordingly will be included for the period of the emergency only. GPs who wish to remain on the Performers List after this time are welcome to submit a full application form prior to the period of emergency concluding.


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