Feedback on the quality of end of life care

Closed 23 Jun 2015

Opened 27 Mar 2015


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NHS England is responsible for commissioning a national survey on the quality of care in the last three months of life.  The survey,  Views of Informal Carers – Evaluation of Services (VOICES) collects information on bereaved peoples’ views on the quality of care provided to a relative or friend in the last three months of life, for England. The survey was first commissioned in 2011 by the Department of Health and has since been run annually. Commissioning responsibility moved to NHS England in 2013

The survey sample for VOICES is selected from adult deaths registered between a 4 month period (January-April). This information is extracted from the death registration database held by the Office of National Statistics. The person who registered the death is contacted between 4 and 11 months following the death. The data is published 15-21 months after the care to which it relates was received.

The results have previously been published with commentary at NHS England Area Team level. The next survey will be at local office level in line with changes to the NHS England structure.

The current VOICES survey includes a small number of questions relating to personal information (including protected characteristics) for both the registrant of the death and the deceased. This is to help us see how experiences vary across different groups of the population and to be able to respond appropriately.

NHS England is seeking views on the current VOICES survey. We have set out specific areas which we are keen to get views on but have also left a section open for people to feedback comments or ideas more generally. You can respond to all or just one/a small number of questions if you would like.

The consultation is open to anyone who has an interest in this area.

You can respond online using the consultation survey or you can submit your response by email at: or by post at: VOICES Consultation, NHS England Insight Team, Quarry House 7E56, Quarry Hill, Leeds, LS2 7UE

If you are not using the online survey, a copy of the consultation questions can be downloaded.

The consultation will run from Friday 27th March until Friday 19th June 2015.

A copy of the current VOICES survey can also be downloaded.


  • Strategic clinical networks (SCNs)
  • Academic/professional institutions
  • Service providers


  • Patient and public voice
  • Integrated care
  • Commissioning