The Innovative Medicines Fund: engagement on proposals

Closed 11 Feb 2022

Opened 19 Nov 2021


NHS England and NHS Improvement and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) invite you to respond to our proposals for the Innovative Medicines Fund.

The Innovative Medicines Fund is designed to enable patients to benefit from early access to promising new medicines. It will build upon the success of the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF), by supporting patients with any condition, including those with rare and genetic diseases, to get early access to the most clinically promising treatments where further data is needed to address uncertainties. NICE will then use this data to make a final recommendation concerning their routine use in the NHS.

We are committed to involving patients, clinicians, data custodians, academics and industry in the development of the Innovative Medicines Fund, and we are particularly keen to hear from as many people as possible to inform these proposals.

Following this engagement, we will consider the feedback provided. We are expecting a large volume of responses and because of this, we expect to publish feedback on the NHS England and NHS Improvement website in the form of a report capturing all the material issues raised.

Please ensure you have read the following document before you complete this form:


  • All interested stakeholders


  • Patient and public voice