NHS Oversight and Assessment Framework consultation

Closed 13 Jun 2024

Opened 23 May 2024


NHS England is inviting feedback on its updated NHS Oversight and Assessment Framework. 

Our approach to oversight and assessment is critical to the implementation of our operating framework, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and supporting ICBs to achieve full maturity. The NHS Oversight and Assessment Framework serves 4 core purposes: 

  • to align priorities across the NHS and with wider system partners to drive shared ownership of improvement 
  • to enable the sharing of good practices to support mutual improvement 
  • to identify where ICBs and/or providers may benefit from or require support or intervention, and 
  • to provide an objective basis for decisions about when and how NHS England intervenes using our regulatory powers should this be necessary 

Input from a range of stakeholders has informed the framework, including through dedicated engagement with all integrated care board (ICB) and provider leaders.  

Those interested in responding to the consultation should complete this online questionnaire. This consultation is open from 23 May 2024 to 13 June 2024.

Following consultation, the updated NHS Oversight and Assessment Framework will be published and implemented later in 2024.

Consultation documents:


  • Integrated care system
  • Integrated care boards


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