Modernising radiotherapy services in England - Consultation on proposed service specification

Closes 24 Jan 2018

Opened 18 Oct 2017


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NHS England is consulting on a new model for radiotherapy services in England. The consultation is seeking feedback on a new specification for adult radiotherapy services.

Radiotherapy is a core part of modern cancer treatment. It can cure cancers, can assist in alleviating symptoms and is cost effective. It is second only to surgery in its effectiveness in treating cancer and around 40% of patients who are cured receive radiotherapy as part of or the whole of their treatment.

The development of the proposed service specification sits alongside NHS England's £130 million investment in radiotherapy equipmentwhich was announced last year and is aimed at delivering the vision for radiotherapy services.

The specification has been developed by talking to doctors, nurses, radiographers and public and patient engagement groups and was informed by a period of stakeholder engagement in 2016. A report of this work is available.

The aim of the specification is to encourage radiotherapy providers to work together in Networks to concentrate expertise and improve pathways for patients requiring radical radiotherapy for the less common and rarer cancers. This will help to increase access to more innovative radiotherapy treatments, increase clinical trial recruitment and make sure radiotherapy equipment is fully utilised, securing greater value for money. There is no intention to reduce the number of radiotherapy providers, nor is it considered to be a likely outcome of these proposals.

Through the consultation, NHS England would like to get more views on these proposals from patients, carers, members of the public, clinicians and anyone else who may have an interest in radiotherapy services. Before completing the survey, please read the Radiotherapy Service Specification and Consultation Guide. You might also like to read the Supporting information and Impact Assessment.

How to give your views

NHS England is keen to receive feedback and answer your questions on the proposals for the vision of radiotherapy services across England. Your views will help NHS England to further shape and refine proposals for the delivery of safe and effective high quality radiotherapy services that are easy for people to access and meets their needs. 

The consultation period runs from 18 October to 24 January 2018.

Email us:

Write to us:   Radiotherapy Consultation, NHS England, Floor 3B, Skipton House, 80 London Road, London, SE1 6LH.

Join a webinar (online meeting): details of these are available via NHS England's upcoming webinar's page.

Staying informed about developments in radiotherapy

If you would like to stay informed about NHS England’s work on radiotherapy, you can register as a stakeholder of the radiotherapy Clinical Reference Group.

If you have any questions or comments about the consultation, please get in touch

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