GIRFT mental health rehabilitation OAPs

Closed 6 Jan 2023

Opened 8 Nov 2022


GIRFT Mental Health Rehabilitation - Out of Area Placements (OAPs)

The GIRFT programme for mental health rehabilitation is requesting data from all NHS mental health providers on the number of people requiring adult mental health inpatient rehabilitation care who were placed out of their local provider in 2022. The purpose is to;

a) provide a snapshot of progress in reducing the number of people placed in rehab OAPs since data was last collected in 2019
b) enable us to highlight best practice in the reduction of rehab OAPs to share learning with other providers 
c) identify areas where more support may be required from the GIRFT programme to reduce the number of people placed in rehab OAPs.

Please complete the following data fields using the following definition:-

Out of Area Placement for mental health in-patient rehabilitation care (as defined in the 2018/19 GIRFT questionnaire)
A person with complex mental health needs who requires adult mental health inpatient rehabilitation care, is admitted to a unit that does not form part of their usual local network of services. By this we mean an inpatient rehabilitation unit that does not usually admit people living in the catchment of the person’s local community mental health service. 
 For example, an OAP is a placement of a patient to any other provider that is not the patient’s home provider, including: 
• Any other NHS inpatient mental health rehabilitation unit, regardless of distance travelled 
• Any Independent Service Provider (ISP) inpatient mental health rehabilitation unit, regardless of distance travelled

Why your views matter

NHS England Getting It Right First Time Programme (GIRFT) Information Governance Notice

Why are we collecting the data?

The results from the questionnaire will be used to support NHS England duty under the Health and Care Act 2022 to protect and promote the interests of people who use health care services by promoting provision of health care services which are, inter alia, economic, efficient and effective.

GIRFT is a national programme overseen by NHS England that aims to deliver quality improvement in patient outcomes through peer-to-peer discussion with Clinicians and managers in trust and wider local partners.  It combines wide-ranging data analysis with the input and professional knowledge of Clinicians to examine how things are currently being done and how they could be improved.

Results from the questionnaire will be used for only two purposes: (1) to support GIRFT deep dive or GIRFT implementation meetings in hospitals and networks; (2) to support recommendations in the GIRFT national specialty report.

The type and level of data being collected

The questionnaire will not collect patient identifiable information.  The questions cover both quantatative and qualitative themes. Most responses will be either yes/no or numbers, both of which GIRFT may use for benchmarking analysis.

The questionnaire may request the name and contact details of the person who submitted responses to allow GIRFT to follow-up for clarification of answers.

Who will access the data and how will it be further shared?

The results from the questionnaire will be stored within the secure IT environment managed by NHS England and will never leave this environment. Data will be accessed only by a small number of GIRFT staff that have NHS England permission to use the data for NHS England purposes. The secure NHS England IT data environment is regularly backed up and data will be stored until no longer required for the purpose of the implementation of the GIRFT programme.  NHS England may also share the data internally with NHS England regional and national teams to support our wider efficiency and productivity programmes and delivery of all statutory responsibilities of NHS England.

Data Quality and Validation

Before you submit your Trust's questionnaire, it is worth noting that NHS England will not validate any answers. Please ensure that you check the quality of your data (in terms of both accuracy and completeness) before submission.



  • Clinicians
  • Managers
  • Commissioners
  • Mental health trusts


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