GP services in Dulwich

Closed 6 Jul 2018

Opened 16 May 2018


The contract with the organisation that currently runs your GP surgery is coming to an end, so we (NHS Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)) need to appoint a provider of GP services at your surgery.  
Also, we are planning to build a new health centre on the Dulwich Hospital site, due to open from 2020.
As the contracts for GP services at both the Hambleden Clinic and Melbourne Grove Medical Practice are due to come to an end, we propose that the best way forward would be to bring GP services for both surgeries together as one contract instead of two. This means both existing surgeries would operate as one larger GP surgery from the new health centre. The new contract would last for five to ten years. We will ensure that GP services continue to be provided at both the Hambleden Clinic and Melbourne Grove Medical Practice until the new Dulwich Health Centre opens. 
We are also proposing that, from 2020 the 8 to 8 (Extended Primary Care Service) for the south of the borough, currently based at the Lister Primary Care Centre, relocates to the new Dulwich Health Centre. We will also consider whether any 8 to 8 services should continue to be offered from the Lister Primary Care Centre.
Lister Primary Care Centre is at 101 Peckham Road, London SE15 5LJ.  The new Dulwich Health Centre will be next to the current Dulwich Community Hospital, East Dulwich Grove, London SE22 8PT.
This is our plan and we want to hear what our patients and stakeholders views are. This survey is to find out what you think is important about your surgery and what needs to improve. 
Who should complete the survey? 
The questions should be answered by patients currently registered at the Hambleden Clinic or Melbourne Grove medical centre. If you are helping that person to complete the survey, please ensure the answers recorded are those of the individual and not yours. 
Completing the survey 
For each question please select the answer that best represents your views, or the views of the person you are completing this survey for. 


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