Survey on GP services at Millbrook and Lodge House Surgeries

Closed 4 Aug 2015

Opened 6 Jul 2015


NHS England is looking at the long-term future of GP services for people currently registered with Millbrook and Lodge House Surgeries, near Plymouth.

While a temporary agreement is in place to secure continuity of care for patients for the immediate future, following Dr Scaglioni’s decision to stand down, this survey is about the potential shape of services from July 2016.

Please answer as many questions as you can, as the more information we can collect, the better our understanding of what is needed. For that reason, the survey is also open to people in the area who are not patients at Millbrook and Lodge House Surgeries.

Why your views matter

Once information has been collated from the survey and from local meetings, NHS England will analyse what people have said and map this against key issues such as the range of services, the demand for extended hours, and whether the area would better be served by a standalone practice or by the branch surgery of a bigger practice.

The aim is to develop a service specification by early November, so expressions of interest can be sought.

Discussions can then start with potential providers, possibly leading to a competitive process. A final decision will be needed to enable a full contract to be in place from June 2016.


  • Community groups
  • Patients
  • Carers


  • Patient and public voice
  • Primary care