Your experience of hospital eye services

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Closes 30 Nov 2019

Your story

Please tell us your story by writing about it below or sending us a link to a video or audio recording of you telling it. 

Here is guidance on how to make your film or audio recording, and upload it to YouTube.

We ask for the name of the hospital trust(s) you are talking about so we can share your story with the services you used. Please don't name the hospital trust(s) or any members of staff in your story. Please do tell us what eye condition(s) you were being treated for.

Please write your story here.
If you have recorded your story (film or audio), please upload it as 'unlisted' on YouTube and send us the link here.
Which hospital's eye services are you telling us about in your story? You can tick more than one.
Would you like to be involved in reshaping eye services at the hospital(s) you use?

Perhaps by volunteering, shaping training, or helping them redesign services?

If you tick yes, we will let the trust know, so they can contact you. Please note, this is likely to be towards the end of the 100 Voices project (October / November 2019).

Are you telling your story as a patient? family member / carer? member of staff?