Monthly and Quarterly Statistics Return consultation

Closed 5 Apr 2018

Opened 8 Feb 2018

Results updated 10 Jun 2020

This consultation took place between 8 February 2018 and 5 April 2018 the outcome document (published on 10 June 2020) can be found here;



To reduce the NHS data collection burden, NHS England proposes terminating an existing NHS England collection - the Quarterly Activity return (QAR), and significantly reducing the scope of another collection - the Monthly Activity Return (MAR). 

It is proposed to replace many of the dropped data items through a new activity report - the Consultant-Led Activity Report, directly sourced and published by NHS England from the Secondary Uses Service (SUS+) dataset.

This consultation, and the associated questions, looks for feedback on these proposals.

Why your views matter

The Monthly and Quarterly Activity Returns are official statistics. The UK Statistics Authority requires users of statistics to be consulted before significant changes are made to official statistics. This consultation aims to meet that requirement.

Read the consultation document.


  • Academic/professional institutions
  • All interested stakeholders
  • Suppliers
  • Information providers


  • Public
  • Health and Social Care Information Strategy
  • Commissioning